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Zelenskyy: Ukraine counteroffensive needs more time, launching … – The Associated Press

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Moscow did not comment on reports over the alleged withdrawals of Russian troops near Bakhmut, but said its forces were “continuing to liberate the western parts” of the city.

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The shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets left nine people dead, including the suspect.

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A woman places flowers at a makeshift memorial for the victims of the shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas. The memorial includes several crosses decorated with bouquets of flowers and a Texas state flag.

Mahboubeh Gorgvand placed flowers at a memorial outside the entrance to the Allen Premium Outlets on Sunday.Credit…Cooper Neill for The New York Times

A gunman shot and killed eight people, including three children, and injured at least seven others at an outdoor mall on Saturday in Allen, Texas, a Dallas suburb. A police officer shot and killed the gunman.

Here’s what we know about the mass shooting, the second-deadliest in the United States so far this year.

Gunfire erupted at around 3:30 p.m. local time, the police said, as throngs of shoppers filled the Allen Premium Outlets, an outdoor mall with more than 120 stores.

A video posted on social media appeared to show a figure clad in black getting out of a silver car in a parking lot and opening fire.

Other videos circulating on social media showed people dashing for shelter or running through a parking lot as loud popping noises could be heard in the background.

The gunman acted alone, the authorities said. A police officer who was at the mall on an unrelated assignment heard the gunfire, rushed toward the sound and killed him.

The authorities said that the assailant had three guns with him during the shooting and five more guns in his car, all of which had been purchased legally.


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Shoppers evacuated an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, where a gunman killed eight people before a police officer fatally shot him.CreditCredit…LM Otero/Associated Press

The authorities identified the gunman as Mauricio Garcia, 33, of Dallas. It was not clear why he attacked the shopping mall.

The authorities said the gunman was wearing patches during the shooting that supported Nazi ideology. Hank Sibley, a regional director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said that the gunman had Nazi-related tattoos and that “even his signature” indicated that he had “neo-Nazi ideation.”

The F.B.I. and state police collected his computer and cellphone and began combing through his social media profiles to see whether he had left behind a manifesto. As of Tuesday afternoon, none had been found, Mr. Sibley said.

“To me, it looks like he targeted the location, rather than a specific group of people,” he said. “He was very random in the people he killed. It didn’t matter the age, race or sex. He just shot people, which is horrific in itself.”

Mr. Garcia joined the Army in 2008 but was discharged a few months later over concerns about his fitness, officials said. For a time he was licensed in Texas as a security guard, but the license had lapsed, they said.

Eight people were killed in the shooting, not counting the gunman, the police said. At least seven more were injured.

The victims who died were identified as:

  • Cindy and Kyu Cho and their 3-year-old son James. Another son, William, 6, was also shot but survived.

  • Daniela Mendoza, 11, and Sofia Mendoza, 8, two sisters in elementary school who were at the mall with their mother.

  • Aishwarya Thatikonda, 26.

  • Elio Cumana-Rivas, 32.

  • Christian LaCour, 20, a security guard. Chief Brian Harvey of the Allen Police said Mr. LaCour “evacuated one individual to safety and was shot while courageously remaining to help others.”

Shoppers being evacuated from the mall on Saturday.Credit…WFAA, via Associated Press

Geoffrey Keaton was having lunch with his 16-year-old daughter at Fatburger in the mall when they heard gunshots.

“I got my baby girl under the counter to shield her, and then they got louder, like he was right there,” Mr. Keaton said.

He said the restaurant’s manager allowed customers to hide in the back; they then left the building through a rear door and ran to their cars.

A live video stream from a local television station showed scores of shoppers being evacuated from shops in an orderly fashion.

“It was just kind of chaotic for a second,” said Kaleo Palakiko, 36. “Then when someone said, ‘Shooter,’ we all ran to the back of the store.”

Mr. Palakiko and his parents hid in a storage room for about 45 minutes before they were released by the police and walked out with their hands in the air.

The attack was the second-deadliest shooting so far in 2023, after the Monterey Park, Calif., massacre on Jan. 21, when a gunman killed 11 people in a ballroom.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, a database of shootings in the United States, there have been more than 200 mass shootings in 2023 through early May. The archive defines a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are injured.

In late April, a gunman killed five people in Cleveland, Texas, near Houston, after he was asked by neighbors to stop shooting in his yard. He was captured by the police after a four-day manhunt.

The one who got away

It remains one of the great riddles of the war. How could Hitler’s ruthless henchman, a forbidding figure described by another top Nazi as having hands like “strangler’s claws”, simply disappear and evade capture for decades?

Müller was a man of immense power. As boss of the Gestapo, he oversaw the implementation of Hitler’s murderous policies against the Jews. He was one of the planners at the Wansee conference where the Nazi leadership decided the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”.

Adolf Eichmann, who was hanged by Israel in 1960 for implementing the Holocaust, was acting under Müller’s orders.

It was Müller, too, who at the end of March 1944 gave the order to shoot 50 British and allied prisoners of war after the mass

Military believes failed Islamic Jihad rockets killed four civilians in Gaza

Victims include 3 kids, among 25 reported dead in Strip; IDF publishes clip showing projectiles falling short; Air Force calls off strike after children seen near target33ET94D-highres-1024x640.jpg

Кроме того, артиллерия сорвала попытку украинских войск провести разведку боем в районе Стельмаховки.

Силы РФ подошли к последнему укрепрайону ВСУ.

Russians attack on 4 fronts, heavy battles in Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces strike 2 areas of Russian concentration – General Staff  Yahoo! Voices

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George Santos charged with fraud, money laundering and more crimes in New York court… via @CBSPolitics

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Psychoanalysis of Intelligence Operations and Psychohistory of Abwehr: The case of Anthony Weiner, the October Surprise 2019, and the Diagnostic Signs of the New Abwehr Political Intelligence Operations

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Psychoanalysis of Intelligence Operations and Psychohistory of Abwehr: The case of Anthony Weiner, the October Surprise 2019, and the Diagnostic Signs of the New Abwehr Political Intelligence Operations

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Psychoanalysis of Intelligence Operations and Psychohistory of Abwehr: The case of Anthony Weiner, the October Surprise 2019, and the Diagnostic Signs of the New Abwehr Political Intelligence Operations