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Slumber party massacre: Video from inside house of horrors

(NewsNation) — Drugs, restraints and sex toys can be seen in exclusive video obtained by “Banfield” filmed inside the home on the property where police say Jesse McFadden fatally shot his wife, her three teenage children and their two teenage friends — before killing himself.

The video may be uncomfortable to watch, but viewers will learn a lot about McFadden, 39, and what he may have done before killing the kids and his wife.

Fadden was a convicted sex offender and rapist who was about to stand trial for yet another sex offense.

Janette Mayo was the first to say publicly that her daughter and three teenage grandchildren were among the dead. Her daughter was married to McFadden.

Mayo, 59, of Westville, Oklahoma, near the Arkansas border, said the sheriff’s office notified her that the other four victims were her daughter, Holly Guess, 35, and her grandchildren, Rylee Elizabeth Allen, 17; Michael James Mayo, 15; and Tiffany Dore Guess, 13. Mayo said Tiffany was close friends with Ivy Webster, 14, and 16-year-old Brittany Brewer.

The victims were found slain on the property of McFadden’s rural Oklahoma home. McFadden was also among the dead.

Ivy Webster and Brittany Brewer visited the home for a sleepover. But the video indicates that inside the house, there was no sleepover.

This was a crime scene in the waiting. Many crimes are likely to have occurred before. It was a house of horror and a house of sex crimes, restraints, sex toys, drugged candy, syringes and filth everywhere.

The home was teeming with evidence.

That video is from NewsNation affiliate KFOR. Their cameras were invited into that home by the families who lost their daughters on the scene. There was also a sheriff’s investigator present.

Within minutes of the families getting into that home, they discovered their daughter’s cellphone on a shelf. They didn’t touch it. But it was collected as evidence.

There was another cellphone, as well as a tablet. Police had missed all the items and released the crime scene.

All of those things — the restraints, the drug chocolate, the syringe that still had drugs in it — were still there.

After the video was taken, police resealed the crime scene.

NewsNation’s senior national correspondent Brian Entin joined “Banfield” to discuss exclusive video filmed inside the home.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this,” Entin said. “And my first thought was, like, these poor parents with everything they’ve gone through losing their daughter. Now, like touring the crime scene, this untouched crime scene, where these hellish activities clearly happen. So I mean, my heart just goes out to them. I can’t imagine what they’re going through.”