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Pentagon leaks 2023 – 7:04 AM 4/14/2023: Cyber trail quickly leads to document-leak suspect – AP

Pentagon leaks 2023 – 7:04 AM 4/14/2023

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The attorney general, Merrick Garland, announced that the Department of Justice has apprehended Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old suspect in the recent leaks of US intelligence online. Garland said Teixeira was taken into custody by FBI agents ‘in connection with an investigation into an alleged unauthorized removal, retention and transmission of classified national defense information’. Teixeira is currently employed by the United States Air Force National Guard. Teixeira will have an initial appearance at the US district court in Massachusetts, Garland said, thanking the FBI and the DOJ for their work on the case

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The US president, Joe Biden, has said that though he is concerned about the leaking of a tranche of confidential documents from the Pentagon, there was nothing of consequence contained in them. Biden told reporters during a visit to Ireland: ‘There’s nothing contemporaneous that I’m aware of that is of great consequence.’

He said an investigation was under way by the intelligence services and the justice department to ascertain the source of the leaks, adding that ‘they’re getting close’.

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In today’s newsletter: A cache of classified US government documents expose the country’s thinking on the Ukraine conflict and much more

Good morning. To a list that most famously includes the WikiLeaks revelations and the NSA files unearthed by Edward Snowden, a major new leak of classified US government information must now be added. And while the Pentagon documents now in circulation are far fewer in number, they have appeared with remarkable speed – and relate to perhaps the most sensitive arena of intelligence gathering in the world today: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The story of how they emerged is astonishing – and this morning, Julian Borger writes that the culprit is reported to be a young, racist gun enthusiast who worked on a military base. As the US battles to control the fallout from the leak with its allies, today’s newsletter takes you through what we know. Here are the headlines.

Northern Ireland | Joe Biden has promised to boost US investment into Northern Ireland if power sharing is restored. In a thinly veiled message to the Democratic Unionist party, the US president told an audience in Belfast that American investors were ready to “triple” the $2bn already invested.

Diabetes | The UK is experiencing a “rapidly escalating” diabetes crisis, with cases topping five million for the first time and under-40s increasingly affected, a report has revealed. About 90% of UK diabetes patients have type 2, a condition much more likely to develop if people are overweight.

UK politics | A senior Conservative peer has accused Suella Braverman of using “racist rhetoric” after the home secretary singled out British-Pakistani men as being of special concern in relation to child sexual abuse cases. Lady Warsi said Conservatives cannot “use the pigment in their skin as a defence mechanism to say they are not racist”. Read her comment piece.

Scotland | Scottish ministers will challenge the UK government’s block on Holyrood’s gender recognition reform bill, putting new first minster Humza Yousaf on a constitutional collision course with Westminster. The SNP said the move was necessary to achieve legal clarity on whether the issue was a devolved matter.

Wildlife | A couple in Pembrokeshire whose trees disappeared from their garden “overnight” have unmasked the unlikely culprit: the first wild beaver spotted in Wales in years. A hidden camera deployed after the trees were damaged revealed “a beaver swimming around our pond and eating our trees,” the couple said. “We couldn’t believe it.”

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US documents reportedly describe private conversations between António Guterres and his deputy, including on Black Sea export grain deal

The US felt UN secretary general António Guterres was too sympathetic to Russia’s interests when renegotiating the Black Sea grain deal, documents from the leaked Pentagon files reportedly suggested.

The report emerged as the Kremlin warned on Wednesday that the outlook for extending the deal beyond 18 May was “not so great” because Russia’s own such exports still faced obstacles.

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The materials assess Ukrainian war preparedness, Egypt’s and the UK’s involvement in the conflict, and other disclosures

US intelligence gave a downbeat assessment in February of the prospects for Ukraine’s expected spring counteroffensive, due to shortfalls in troop numbers and equipment deliveries. Only modest battlefield gains were expected.

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Analysis suggests top-secret documents were first shared on closed gamer chatrooms hosted by Discord

A damaging batch of documents leaked from the Pentagon appears to have been initially shared on the video game chat platform Discord in an effort to win an argument about the war in Ukraine, according to open-source intelligence analysts.

The bizarre provenance of the leak may seem unusual but it is far from the first time that a dispute between gamers has sparked an intelligence breach, with the overlapping communities causing problems for military and gaming platforms alike.

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Everything that is known about images said to be classified Pentagon documents circulating on social media

The leak involves what appear to be classified US intelligence documents – some top secret – a number of which relate to the war in Ukraine. Others give indications of how widely the US has compromised Russian decision-making, while others contain material derived from spying on allies.

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Defence secretary speaks to South Korean counterpart after leak suggesting US was spying on Seoul’s internal discussions on arms sales. Plus, the man who walked around the world

Good morning.

The US is attempting to mend fences with key allies after leaked Pentagon documents claimed Washington had been spying on friendly countries including South Korea and Israel.

What did the documents say about South Korea? The unverified documents relating to South Korea, including some apparently based on internal discussions among top South Korean security officials, claimed Seoul was concerned that artillery shells bound for the US could eventually find their way to Ukraine, which would be problematic as it would violate the country’s longstanding policy – supported by a majority of voters – of not exporting weapons to countries at war.

What have they said about it? Officials attempted to play down the significance of the Pentagon documents, whose authenticity has not been independently confirmed. The office of President Yoon Suk-yeol said an initial investigation had concluded there was “little chance” that internal discussions had been intercepted by US intelligence officials, Yonhap news agency said.

What did Jones say in his first statement on the house floor? “To the people of Tennessee, I stand with you.” he said. “We will continue to be your voice here. And no expulsion, no attempt to silence us will stop us, but it will only galvanize and strengthen our movement. And we will continue to show up in the people’s house. Power to the people.”

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Pentagon leaks: US seeks to mend ties after claims Washington spied on key allies

Defence secretary speaks to South Korean counterpart after leak suggesting US was spying on Seoul’s internal discussions on arms sales

The US is attempting to mend fences with key allies after leaked Pentagon documents claimed Washington had been spying on friendly countries including South Korea and Israel.

The US secretary of defence, Lloyd Austin, spoke to his South Korean counterpart on Tuesday as officials in Seoul denied the possibility that the president’s office could have been the source of leaks over South Korean arms sales to the US.

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Classified documents revealing Ukraine military troubles and US intel gathering against allies were probably spread through gaming servers

The evidence emerging on the leak of classified US defence documents suggests that it was probably not some dastardly hacking or disinformation plot by Russia or the US, but rather another example of how carelessly Washington handles its secrets.

The least likely version of reality is the one being circulated among Kremlin supporters, that it was a clever piece of CIA distraction ultimately aimed at demoralising Russians by showing how many lives they had lost, and how badly their war was going in Ukraine.

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