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Let Earwax Do Its Job

I seem to make a lot of earwax. Why does that happen? When it blocks my hearing, how can I safely remove it?
Answer: Earwax (cerumen) is made in the ear canal and serves four main purposes:
— It moistens the skin to prevent dryness and itching.
— It helps protect the canal and eardrum from damage.
— It helps stop bacteria from multiplying, so it helps prevent infections.
— It keeps the ear clean. The oily substance made by the cells lining the ear canal mixes with the dead skin and debris inside. The mixture then slowly moves out of the ear.
The consistency of earwax ranges from liquid to rock-hard. It depends on the makeup of the wax. It also depends on how long the wax has been in the canal. The higher the proportion of dead skin cells and hair, the harder the wax. And the longer the mixture has been in the ear canal, the harder the wax….