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Audio Post #Audio #AudioPost #King The Enduring Oddness of King Charles III…

Michael Novakhov @mikenov…

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

#FBI: Objective measurements of the FBI performance: quality, efficiency, and ethics – Google Search

Patriot Voice @PatriotVoice3

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The FBI Director Is Under Resignation Fire From His Agents…

Military History Now @MilHistNow

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On this day in 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte, 51, dies in exile on the island of St. Helena. “France… Armée… Tête d’armée… Joséphine,” he supposedly calls out in his final moments.

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Michael Novakhov: The Signs (Diagnostic Triad) of the New Abwehr Operations: 1. Judeophobia with the psychologically complex (e.g. self-hatred), mixed German-Jewish identity and background, as in upper echelons of Abwehr. 2. Homophobia, often with the latent or overt Homosexuality, as present, presumed or perceived in many high German military officers after WWI. 3. The key, “pathognomonic” sign of Austria Phobia, the cognitive bias prevalent in Abwehr officers, the historical legacy of the German – Austrian wars and rivalry of XIX century, e.g. the derision and hatred of Hitler after the WWII. The presence of all these signs, in various degrees is hypothesized to be present in the case of Anthony Weiner, which led to the October Surprise 2019. In my opinion, this and other circumstances of the Election 2019 point to the quite possible involvement of the New Abwehr in it as their staged political-intelligence operation, as many other in the post WWII History. See the New Abwehr Hypothesis. Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

New Abwehr Hypothesis – Google Search

Hans de Vreij @hdevreij

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NATO’s highest soldier, luitenant-admiral Rob Bauer told Dutch TV on Sunday that the drone attack against the Kremlin was “probably” executed by Russia itself in order to gain support for its war against Ukraine. Admiral Bauer is chairman of the Military Committee of NATO.

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drone attack against the Kremlin was “probably” executed by Russia itself – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Downgrade WHO and Tedros for incompetence: It was the POLITICAL Pandemic, not the medical one. Intelligence Services should continue to monitor and to analyze it retrospectively: What really happened? Who caused it? My hunch is, it was the New Abwehr, in their commemorations of the Anniversaries of WWI and WWII: “Put your masks on and shut up about your victories!” WHO downgrades COVID pandemic, says it’s no longer emergency…

Hans Kristensen @nukestrat

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US Intel says modern army Russia tried to build over 20 years “largely is gone” and it will be difficult to mount even modest offensive operations without substantial additional supplies of material/troops.… View statements here:…

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Without A New Draft, Russian Offensive Operations Are Over, US Intel Chiefs Say… via @DefenseOne

Радио Свобода @SvobodaRadio

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“Позитивный для Путина результат этой ужасной войны – в том, что система стала его заложницей. Степень риска того, что против него будут выстраиваться заговоры, уменьшилась”. Политолог Николай Петров о неожиданной консолидации российских элит вокруг Путина…

The Associated Press @AP

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Hundreds of terrified shoppers fled in panic after a gunman stepped out of a silver sedan and opened fire at a Dallas-area outlet mall on Saturday, killing eight and wounding seven before being killed by a police officer who was nearby, authorities said.…

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#Mohrenschildt Lee Harvey Oswald’s benefactor was Texas oil millionaire George de Mohrenschildt – Google Search

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#DavidFerrie david ferrie – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

#LeeHarveyOswald Lee Harvey Oswald bisexual – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Lee Harvey Oswald bisexual – Google Search…

Anders Åslund @anders_aslund

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“Wagner a ‘shadow of what it once was’: Russia security expert on the rage of mercenary boss Prigozhin” Prigozhin looks like a corps walking.…

Robert Morton @Robert4787

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Dark clouds gather over Moscow as the Kremlin cancels May 9th Victory Day celebrations amid fears of drone attacks- UK intelligence says 6 oblasts and 21 fearful Russian cities caused Kremlin leadership to cancel. Do they know something that we don’t?…

The New York Times @nytimes

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A gunman opened fire at a crowded mall outside Dallas on Saturday, killing at least eight people and injuring at least seven before a police officer killed him, the authorities said. Here is what we know about what happened.

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Lee Harvey Oswald’s benefactor was Texas oil millionaire George de Mohrenschildt – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Abwehr penetrated SMERSH – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Check out this video:…

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Robert Kennedy Jr. blames CIA for JFK assassination, fueling controversial claim – New York Post

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

James Douglass “JFK and the Unspeakable” – Google Search

Robert Morton @Robert4787

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U.S. intelligence warns that Russian intelligence is plotting a primitive psyop for May 9th- the details are murky, but a highly coordinated effort to undermine our defenses and sow confusion is coming. #nationalsecurity #ThreatIntel…

Calder Walton @calder_walton

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#OTD 78 year ago, 7 May 1945 Eisenhower, Supreme Commander in Europe, cables: “The mission of this Allied Force was fulfilled at 0241, local time, May 7th, 1945.” Victory in Europe achieved. Reading it today still sends shivers down the spine…

Business Ukraine mag @Biz_Ukraine_Mag

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Putin’s passive response to Finland joining NATO debunks the myth that NATO expansion caused the war in Ukraine. In reality, Putin has always known NATO poses no security threat to Russia but used the issue as a smokescreen for his invasion of Ukraine…

President Biden @POTUS

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Eight Americans, including children, were killed in Allen, Texas yesterday – the latest act of gun violence to devastate our nation. Jill and I are praying for their families and those critically injured. We’re grateful to the first responders who acted quickly and courageously.

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Two telling names of shooting locations sum up in one historical name of CIA Director. Is this a reference to JFK assassination in Dallas and the CIA’s role in it? Or to the Nazi – New Abwehr Connection?… See also:… Allen, Texas – Google Search + Dallas shooting – Google Search… . . . = Allen Dulles – Google Search… . . .

Robert Kennedy Jr. blames CIA for JFK assassination, fueling controversial claim – New York Post

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

JFK and the Unspeakable – Wikipedia

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

CIA and JFK assassination – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

allen dulles – Google Search

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

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Authorities looking into the motive for the mass shooting at a Texas mall on Saturday are investigating the gunman’s possible links to white-supremacist ideology

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

#Allen #Dallas #AllenDalles #CIA Allen, Dallas shotting is the telling name and the repoint – redirect to Allen Dalles, the CIA Director. What exactly is the message? Any guesses to share?

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

#mauriciogarcia mauricio garcia – Google Search

Радио Свобода @SvobodaRadio

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Покушение на генерального прокурора Болгарии связывают с Россией: незадолго до него Гешев выступил за контроль над соблюдением санкций, введенных из-за войны, а в Болгарии до сих пор многие российские политики продолжают владеть недвижимостью и активами…

The New York Times @nytimes

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At least seven people were killed in Brownsville, Texas, on Sunday after the driver of a vehicle plowed into a crowd of migrants. The driver was charged with reckless driving and has been detained, police said.

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

mauricio garcia – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

#Allen #Dallas #AllenDulles #CIA Allen, Dallas shooting is the telling name and the repoint – redirect to Allen Dulles, the CIA Director. What exactly is the message? Any guesses to share?

Robert Morton @Robert4787

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So true! Israel’s Mossad spy agency is renowned for its daring, high-risk operations in hostile environments, diverse recruitment process, innovative use of technology, and culture of secrecy. #Mossad #Israel #intelligence #espionage…

Володимир Зеленський @ZelenskyyUa

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Security is the main target for 🇷🇺. In our country & in all the free world. Destroying it, bringing death & chaos is all the terrorist state does. All who help 🇺🇦 restore security, who put pressure on the terrorist state – all are defenders of peace. I thank everyone who with 🇺🇦!

Devlin Barrett @DevlinBarrett

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Scoop: Gunman in Texas mall shooting may have had white supremacist beliefs; patch on his chest suggested neo-Nazi views, according to people familiar with the matter…

NBC News @NBCNews

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NEW: The 33-year-old Texas mall shooting suspect interacted with neo-Nazi and white supremacist content online, officials say.…

Daily Mail Online @MailOnline

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United States of mass shootings: Texas mall massacre is America’s 199th incident in 2023

Military History Now @MilHistNow

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On this day in 1429, Joan of Arc marches at the head of a French army to rescue the besieged city of Orleans. She is just 17 years old.

The Washington Post @washingtonpost

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The suspected gunman who killed at least eight people outside a shopping mall in Allen, Tex., may have had white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs, people familiar with the investigation said Sunday. Here is what we know about him so far.

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

allen premium outlets shooting – Google Search

DW на русском @dw_russian

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Российские войска потерпят такое же поражение в Украине, как нацистская Германия во Второй мировой войне, заявил Владимир Зеленский в видео, снятом у военного мемориала в Киеве, также предложив отмечать День Победы в Украине 8 мая…

Радио Свобода @SvobodaRadio

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“С 53-го года на этой территории не было ни одного случая, чтобы официально опубликованная книга, публично поставленная пьеса или фильм, показанный в кинотеатрах, были официальной причиной для ареста”

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Stalin’s Death: Cheyne Stokes breathing – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

#Putin #Agony #CheyneStokes #Stalin #DeathOfStalin The Cheyne Stokes Agony of the Putin regime… No Treatment. Regime change. See also: Stalin’s Death: Cheyne Stokes breathing – Google Search

“С 53-го года на этой территории не было ни одного случая, чтобы официально опубликованная книга, публично поставленная пьеса или фильм, показанный в кинотеатрах, были официальной причиной для ареста”

media/Fvme9_lX0AAqTnH.png media/FvmfEPvXgAEct42.png
Python @slobodan_ukic

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A Ukrainian-American family celebrates the death of Stalin, 1953

Oleksandr Bartylo @OleksandrLOVE

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The Death of Stalin – Beria Trial and Execution

Fallen Angel MMA @FallenAngelMMA

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The Death of Stalin (2017) IMDb –… *** 75 / 100 #movies #MovieReview #IMDb #movienight #MoviesLover

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

#AllenDulles #lovers #Canaris #spies Allen Dulles lovers, Canaris spies – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Interpretation: Allen Premium Outlets shooting in Dallas, by the neo-Nazi security guard armed with AR-15, may refer to the CIA Director Allen Dulles, his various connections with Abwehr and Canaris, and his role in transplanting the German Nazi officers en masse (e.g.”Operation Paperclip”), and to a certain extent their philosophy, ideology and political practices to America. It would be a questionable claim in a complex situation.

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

The Abwehr operations diagnostic triad can be easily traced in the Kennedy Assassination: 1. Judeophobia: The Jewish background of Jack Ruby and his circle.… 2. Homophobia: Lee Harvey Oswald was gay or bisexual, his wife Marina egged him on by teasing him that “he is not the real man” and looked “girlish”; while reminiscing about her old flame in Minsk, who “looked like Kennedy”.… 3. Austria Phobia: Vienna Summit: “In retrospect the summit may be seen as a failure.”…

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Quote: “according to CIA intercepts, someone had impersonated Oswald in phone calls and visits made to the Soviet and Cuban embassies in Mexico City several weeks before the assassination.[58] Over the next 40 years this became one of the CIA’s most closely guarded secrets on the Oswald case.”…

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

My Opinion: Oswald was indeed a patsy, a cover for the New Abwehr operatives. The main overarching goal was to present the KGB as the culprit and to ignite the WWIII between US and Russia, which was always the most obvious strategic and logical choice for the New Abwehr planners after the WWII.

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

#Oswald Very convenient: Blame everything on “God’s Power”! Oswald Name Meaning Scottish (Fife and Lanarkshire) northern English German and French (mainly Alsace and Lorraine): from an Old English personal name composed of the elements ōs ‘god’ + weald ‘power’. oswald last name meaning – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Another telling last name, with the homophobic reference, and right on the money: David Ferrie (Fairy – Gay – GS) David Ferrie: mafia pilot, participant in anti-castro bioweapon plot, friend of lee harvey oswald and key to the jfk assassination – Google Search “Of the all the people surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy, few are more mysterious and enigmatic than David William Ferrie of New Orleans.”

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

“Of the all the people surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy, few are more mysterious and enigmatic than David William Ferrie of New Orleans. Author Judyth Vary Baker knew David Ferrie personally and worked with him in a covert project in New Orleans during the summer of 1963, and this book examines his strange and puzzling behavior both before and after the assassination. At the time of the assassination, Ferrie was a 45-year-old New Orleans resident who was acquainted with some of the most notorious names linked to the assassination: Lee Oswald, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, Jack Ruby, and Carlos Marcello. He possessed assorted talents and eccentricities: he was at one time a senior pilot with Eastern Airlines until he was fired for homosexual activity on the job; he was also a hypnotist; a serious researcher of the origins of cancer; an amateur psychologist; and a victim of a strange disease, alopecia, which made all of his body void of hair. His odd lifestyle was embellished with an equally bizarre appearance featuring a red toupee and false eyebrows. This is the first book focused solely on David Ferrie and his alleged involvement in the conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.” david ferrie: mafia pilot, participant in anti-castro bioweapon plot, friend of lee harvey oswald and key to the jfk assassination – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories – Wikipedia In 1966, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison began an investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy. Garrison’s investigation led him to conclude that a group of right-wing extremists, including David Ferrie and Guy Banister, were involved with elements of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Garrison would later claim that the motive for the assassination was anger over Kennedy’s attempts to obtain a peace settlement in both Cuba and Vietnam.[357][358] Garrison also came to believe that New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw was part of the conspiracy and that Clay Shaw used the pseudonym “Clay Bertrand”.[359] Garrison further believed that Shaw, Banister, and Ferrie conspired to set up Oswald as a patsy in the JFK assassination.[360] On March 1, 1967, Garrison arrested and charged Shaw with conspiring to assassinate President Kennedy. On January 29, 1969, Clay Shaw was brought to trial on these charges, and the jury found him not guilty.

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

“My cousin Roy Marcus Cohn — counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy, consigliere to Mafia bosses, mentor to Donald Trump — had almost no principles,” wrote David Marcus. “He smeared Jews even though he was Jewish. He tarred Democrats even though he was a Democrat. He persecuted gay people even though he was gay.” ‘A New Strain Of Son Of A Bitch’: The Life Of ‘Fixer’ Roy Cohn, From The Red Scare To Trump

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Are Roy Cohn’s nose problems a sign of congenital syphilis? – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Are Roy Cohn’s nose problems a sign of congenital syphilis? – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

“The only child of Dora and Albert Cohn was born on February 20, 1927, at Manhattan’s Woman’s Hospital. Roy’s father was a judge who had married into the well-to-do Marcus family. “When Roy was born, he was a cute little baby, an adorable-looking kid, but he had a little spur on his nose and that drove Dora crazy,” one of the family says. “She took him to some surgeon or other who botched the job of trying to get rid of the spur. All his life Roy had that scar down his nose.” Roy Cohn’s nose problems – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Roy Cohn’s nose problems do not look like “nose spur” at all, they look like the surgery for the “saddle nose”, a sign of congenital syphilis – Google Search

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

The Red Scare and McCarthiism also reveal the presence of the New Abwehr operations diagnostic triad: Both 1. Judeophobia and 2. Homophobia are present abundantly in the historical figure of Roy Cohn, his circles, and their political agenda and actions. 3. Austria Phobia is present too: 1950 Austrian general strikes can be seen as the precursors of McCarthiism. “The Austrian General Strikes of 1950 were organised by the Communist Party of Austria with half-hearted support of the Soviet occupation authorities. In August–October 1950 Austria faced a severe social and economic crisis caused by anticipated withdrawal of American financial aid and a sharp drop in real wages.”… Why did the Soviets leave Austria in 1955? 📷 The Soviets pulled out of the country in 1955, along with the Western Allies, in exchange for Austria’s promises that it would remain neutral in the Cold War. The Soviet Union released Austrian prisoners at a much faster rate than the Germans, but the last Austrians were not released until 1955. Austria history 1950-s – GS:… See also: Allied-occupied Austria…: “Whereas Germany was divided into East and West Germany in 1949, Austria remained under joint occupation of the Western Allies and the Soviet Union until 1955; its status became a controversial subject in the Cold War until the warming of relations known as the Khrushchev Thaw. After Austrian promises of perpetual neutrality, Austria was accorded full independence on 15 May 1955 and the last occupation troops left on 25 October that year.”

Former Chief Security Officer Of Uber Sentenced To Three Years …  Department of Justice


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — After her husband died last year, she wrote a children’s book on grief. Now she’s charged with murder in his death.

Kouri Richins, 33, was arrested Monday and is accused in charging documents of poisoning her husband with a lethal dose of fentanyl at their home in Kamas, a small mountain town near Park City.

The murder charges come months after Richins self-published “Are you with me?” — an illustrated storybook about a young boy wondering about his father’s presence in his life after the father dies.

Prosecutors allege Richins called authorities in the middle of the night in March 2022 to report that her husband, Eric Richins, was “cold to the touch.” She told officers she had made her husband a mixed drink to celebrate him selling a home. She then went to soothe one of their children to sleep in the next bedroom. She later returned and, upon finding her husband unresponsive, called 911.

A medical examiner later found five times the lethal dosage of fentanyl in his system.

In addition to the murder charge, Richins also faces charges involving the alleged possession of GHB — a narcolepsy drug frequently used in recreational settings, including at dance clubs.

The charges are based on officers’ interactions with Richins that night and the account of an “unnamed acquaintance” who claims to have sold her the fentanyl. The acquaintance told investigators they sold Richins the opioid hydrocodone once and fentanyl twice — in February and March 2022.

The charging documents allege Richins deleted text messages from the night of her husband’s death before handing her phone over to investigators and may have tried to poison her husband on Valentine’s Day, a month before his death.

“Shortly after their dinner, Eric became very ill. Eric believed that he had been poisoned. Eric told a friend that he thought his wife was trying to poison him,” investigators wrote, referring to the Valentine’s Day incident.

Richins’ attorney, Skye Lazaro, declined to comment on the charges.

In Richins’ book, the boy wonders if his father, who has died, notices his goals at a soccer game, his nerves on the first day of school or the presents he found under a Christmas tree.

“Yes, I am with you,” an angel wing-clad father figure wearing a trucker hat responds. “I am with you when you scored that goal … I am with you when you walk the halls … I’m here and we’re together.”

Richins told local media she decided to write “Are you with me?” after her husband unexpectedly died last year, leaving her widowed and raising three boys. She said she looked for materials for children on grieving loved ones and found few resources, so decided to create her own. She planned to write sequels.

 image/webp 2000.webp
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted pictures of the three Islamic Jihad officials who were killed, along with the name of Israel’s …

7364040 Google Alert – Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said the country was “prepared for all possibilities”, adding: “I suggest that our enemies not test …

7364040 Google Alert – Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, informed American officials who visited Israel that he was planning to attack Gaza Strip, …

7364040 Google Alert – Benjamin Netanyahu

It is slated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit the UAE, but the details of the visit have not been disclosed yet.

7364040 Google Alert – Benjamin Netanyahu

NPR News Now: NPR News: 05-09-2023 3PM EDT

NPR News: 05-09-2023 3PM EDT

Download audio:

22976 NPR News Now

  1. COMING UP: Police, FBI, DPS to Give Update on Allen Mall Shooting  NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
  2. FBI probes how failed soldier turned Texas mall shooter  Military Times
  3. Texas mall massacre sparks reemergence of terrifying FBI ‘run, hide, fight’ video  Daily Mail

5179673 “fbi” – Google News

FBI says it sabotaged ‘tool used by Russian spies’  The Canberra Times


The unanimous jury verdict that has turned Donald Trump from an alleged sexual assaulter into a proven one may create political shockwaves if recent history is any guide. As numerous empirical studies have shown, the American public has come to view sexual assault as a form of abusing power that can disqualify a perpetrator from holding public office. Trump may suffer significant political damage from this new majoritarian understanding. 

In November 2017, 61% of voters – including 56% of men and a nontrivial margin of white men (50-43) and white women (55-37) – said then-President Trump should be impeached and removed from office if he were proven to have engaged in “sexual harassment,” according to a Quinnipiac poll. That overall support – the eye popping number of 61% – was higher than any poll tracking public support for impeachment and removal from office for the scandalous conduct in Trump’s first and second impeachments (see Five Thirty-Eight’s complete collection of surveys for the first and second impeachment). What’s more, Quinnipiac asked only about sexual harassment not sexual assault in the case of Trump. The latter, which is also the core crime in the E. Jean Caroll verdict, would have presumably produced even greater levels of support for removal from office. 

The Quinnipiac poll was not alone.

A December 2017 Public Policy Polling survey found 53% of voters thought Trump should resign because of the “allegations” of sexual harassment against him, and another Quinnipiac poll in December 2017 found that 50% of voters already thought Trump should resign because he had “been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault by multiple women.” (See appendix below for the exact wording and results of each of these surveys.)

These results are no surprise when taken in context of recent social science studies. Rigorous empirical research shows that Americans generally consider sexual assault incompatible with serving in elected office or positions of public trust (see e.g., Savani and Collignon, 2023Stark and Collignon, 2022Masuoka, Grose & Junn, 2021Craig and Cossette, 2020). A 2020 study in the journal Political Behavior found that “(1) a significant electoral penalty is likely to be assessed against politicians accused of sexual harassment; (2) the size of that penalty (in terms of lost votes and lower favorability) … is concentrated among co-partisans and, to a lesser extent, Independents.” That study, like many others, concerned “accusations” and “allegations” of misbehavior; the results are likely to be even more pronounced in the event of allegations being proven – especially in a court and especially by a unanimous verdict.

A number of caveats and qualifications are worth mentioning however as we consider the potential damage to Trump.

First, Republicans are less likely to electorally punish their own party candidates who face sexual harassment or sexual assault allegations, according to research findings. For Trump, that may mean less of a political cost in the primary election season than in the general. That said, Republican women are more likely than Republican men to do so. What’s more, some Republican primary voters may also look over the horizon at how voters in the general election will react to his having been proven to have committed sexual assault and accordingly wish to select a more competitive nominee for their party. 

Second, while there are many cases of Republican and Democratic elected officials being compelled to resign or being electorally defeated following public allegations of sexual harassment or sexual harassment, there are also counterexamples. One prominent counterexample is Trump himself in the 2016 campaign. What makes Trump’s victory even more complicated is that notable percentages of his supporters believed the allegations to be true, as William Saletan documented in 2017. 

That being said, multiple factors seem to distinguish the allegations in Trump’s 2016 campaign from the Carroll verdict in 2024, and ultimately constitute bad news for the former president.

Factor one: There is a difference between a belief that something is true, and proven confirmation by a unanimous jury verdict that it is so. Indeed this was a jury verdict following a full-blown trial in which Trump’s attorneys had the opportunity to challenge the specific allegations. The Carroll case also involved jurors’ assessment not only of the evidence of her sexual assault, but also of two other witnesses who testified that Trump sexually assaulted them. In other words, the verdict is a reflection of the allegations of three women.

Factor two: The difference between sexual assault and sexual harassment, cuts against Trump. Several (but not all) of the surveys discussed by Saletan in 2017 asked respondents about allegations of “inappropriate behavior,” “unwanted sexual advances,” and “unwanted advances on different women.” The respondents were not asked about allegations of sexual assault, which presumably would have given them greater pause on whether to vote for Trump. 

Factor three: There may be a difference in how voters assess Trump on these issues of sexual harrassment and sexual assault when comparing him to the alternative candidate for office – Hillary Clinton in the case of the 2016 election. Indeed, that may help explain why some Republicans were willing to vote him into office in 2016, but some of Trump’s 2016 voters supported his resigning from office on the basis of the mere allegation of sexual harassment (7% in one study, 12% in another) and a larger percentage of Republicans (28%) supported his impeachment and removal from office if allegations of sexual harassment were proven. 

In deciding whether to vote for him in 2016, the alternative was a Hillary Clinton presidency. In the case of removal from office, the alternative was Mike Pence. If the alternative option helps explain the difference, it could spell a negative fate for Trump in the current presidential primary, where voters can choose a different Republican. 

Factor four: A difference between 2016 and 2024 is the advent of the #MeToo movement following the women who stepped forward in 2017 to report on sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein. That movement has helped shape the public conscience over a short period of time, and demonstrated an ability to “limit motivated reasoning” and “temper partisan biases” when individuals’ assess politicians’ misconduct (Klar and McCoy, 2021).

The question of course is to what extent any of these voter preferences against the kind of behavior here at issue would translate into electoral outcomes. One need only look at voters’ overwhelming support for certain gun reforms — and the absence of any corresponding legislation — to understand the gap between voter preferences and political outcomes. There are many structural impediments to the expression of democratic choices in U.S. elections that go beyond the subject matter of this essay. It is notable, however, that a candidate’s having engaged in sexual assault has in many instances proven fatal to their holding public office. 

* * *

With #MeToo translated into the political arena, many Americans have shown they are not willing to support a candidate for elected office who has committed sexual assault – with the understanding that such a severe abuse of power is simply disqualifying for holding a position of public trust. Time will tell if the E. Jean Carroll sexual assault verdict has the effect that a large majority of Americans said they wanted in 2017, namely, to deny the presidency to Trump if the allegation that he had engaged in such abominable conduct was proven. It now has been.


Cited Academic Works

Stephen C. Craig and Paulina S. Cossette. “Eye of the beholder: Partisanship, identity, and the politics of sexual harassment.” Political Behavior 44, no. 2 (2022): 749-777.

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Appendix: Polling Questions and Results


Photo credit: E. Jean Carroll arrives for her civil trial against former President Donald Trump at Manhattan Federal Court on May 8, 2023 (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

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Op-ed: Charter schools step up to help migrant children  Crain’s New York Business

Writer E. Jean Carroll arrives at the courthouse Tuesday for jury deliberations in her trial against former President Donald Trump.

Jurors believed that Carroll’s allegation of sexual abuse in a Manhattan department store in the mid-1990s was more likely true than not. They awarded her $5 million in total damages.

(Image credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


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Jury starts deliberations in suit accusing Trump of rape

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Putin tells Red Square parade ‘real war’ unleashed on Russia

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NPR’s A Martinez speaks with Fernando García of the Border Network for Human Rights about what’s taking place on the U.S.-Mexico border as the Title 42 public health rule is about to an end.



To people who joined in the celebrations, the King said: “To know that we have your support and encouragement, and to witness your kindness expressed in so many different ways, has been the greatest possible Coronation gift.”

3 accused of extorting 82-year-old Houston man who paid for sex …  Houston Chronicle



Phone scammers wreak havoc on Americans and their wallets  WAER




Allen W. Dulles (1893-1969) was many things before he became the Office of Strategic Services’ (OSS) “Our Man in Bern.” After graduating from Princeton, he joined the State Department’s Foreign Service in 1916 and was assigned to Bern, Switzerland. His acceptance to the Foreign Service was probably not harmed by family connections to the State Department. His maternal grandfather, John W. Foster, was Secretary of State under Benjamin Harrison, and his uncle by marriage, Robert Lansing, was Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson.

According to Dulles’ later writings, he told of receiving an urgent phone call on April 8, 1917 from a Russian émigré in Bern who wished to talk to him. Dulles had a scheduled  tennis match that day and turned him down. The émigré was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known to history as Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was deported the next day and sent on a sealed train to St. Petersburg, Russia. Dulles later told new recruits to the CIA to always meet with potential agents.

Dulles survived the 1918 Flu pandemic, and in 1926, Dulles became a lawyer and joined his brother, John Foster Dulles at the Wall Street law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell. (John was future Secretary of State to President Eisenhower, and famously drew the wrath of Winston Churchill who described him  as “A bull who carried his own china shop around with him.” Churchill also created a stinging superlative adjective: “dull, duller, Dulles.”)

In 1940, Dulles ran into a fellow Wall Street lawyer at the Republican Party convention. His friend, William Donovan, the future chief of the OSS, suggested that Dulles might be interested in joining a proposed American intelligence service if the US was pulled into the current European war. When the US did join the war after December 7, 1941, Dulles joined the newly formed OSS as Agent 110 and he requested assignment to Switzerland, based on his prior experiences there.

Dulles arrived in Switzerland in November, 1942, where he made little effort to disguise his role in Bern. Swiss newspapers identified him as a personal representative of President Roosevelt, with “special duties.” Dulles preferred this high profile as it encouraged potential agents to flock to him. His British counterpart, Frederick Vanden Huevel, the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) station chief in Bern had a few pangs of jealousy over this and Dulles’ lavish budget. (SIS is the official title of “MI6”). Dulles soon developed two important contacts: a German diplomat, Fritz Kolbe, and Hans Bernd Gisevius, attached to the German Consulate in Zurich, but in fact an Abwehr officer. Gisevius would later be a key witness at the post war Nuremberg trials.

These two men provided valuable intelligence throughout 1943-45 on a wide range of subjects, including the German resistance movement, plots to kill Hitler, and the development of V-1 and V-2 weapons. Unfortunately, OSS in Washington was skeptical of both Kolbe and Gisevius as sowing disinformation.

Perhaps Dulles’ biggest success was “Operation Sunrise,” in which he  conducted a series of secret negotiations from February to May of 1945 with Waffen SS Obergruppenführer Karl Wolff. (Obergruppenführer is the equivalent of a Lieutenant General). Dulles and Wolff met in Lucerne  and then near Lugano, in the Italian speaking Canton adjacent to Italy. Essentially, Wolff offered to surrender the 225,000 men under his command, which then expanded to Army Group C, a force of about 585,000 men, including the German 10th and 14th Armies and Italian Army Group Liguria. By the time the surrender was signed on April 29, 1945, in Caserta, Italy, German army elements in southern Austria were included and the estimated number for the surrender was  one million soldiers. The surrender became effective on May 2, 1945, five days before  General Alfred Jodl signed the final unconditional surrender on May 7, 1945 at Reims, France.

Karl Wolff was a beneficiary of the surrender as he was not prosecuted at Nuremberg, despite being involved in and guilty of a number of war crimes. This would later tarnish Dulles’ reputation.

Operation Sunrise created a few shock waves among both ally and enemy. When Stalin learned of the negotiations and the surrender, he once again feared that this was part of a separate agreement with the Third Reich, and a possible alliance against the USSR. Hitler’s successor, Admiral Karl Doenitz, was caught off guard by the surrender and probably felt betrayed. In any event, Dulles’ reputation was secured and would lead eventually to him joining the CIA, in 1951, a few years after its formation replacing the disbanded OSS. He was appointed Deputy Director Plans, the CIA’s vague euphemism for what is today called the Clandestine Service. In 1952, after the election of President Eisenhower, Dulles became the first civilian Director of the CIA.


Dulles Receives the National Security Medal, November 1961. Courtesy of the CIA Archives.

Dulles career was not without controversy. He had a fondness for an extravagant lifestyle, women other than his wife, and risky covert operations. During his tenure as Director, the CIA was involved in coups in Iraq (1953) and Guatemala (1954). A final attempted coup, the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April 1961, turned into a fiasco that ultimately led to President Kennedy dismissing Dulles on November 29, 1961, after the consolation prize of awarding him the National Security Medal the day before. Dulles was the longest serving CIA director so far.

Dulles had enormous influence on the post war US intelligence system. His personal negotiations for the surrender of the entire German army in Italy and southern Austria prevented needless fighting and saved the lives of many Allied and Axis soldiers.

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This article is part of an ongoing series commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II made possible by Bank of America. 


Walter Wolf joined the Museum in October 2019 as the Museum’s first intellectual property Rights Manager in the Curatorial Department. Walter has a Bachelor’s degree in Modern European History and a Juris Doctor degree in law. He also has a certificate in Espionage and Covert Operations from the University of New Orleans. 

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    In the aftermath of the Battle of Kasserine Pass, US II Corps passed to the command of General Harold Alexander’s 18th Army Group. When Alexander took command on February 20, 1943, one of his first tasks was to assess II Corp’s combat readiness after its setbacks during its early engagements around Kasserine Pass.

  • Black Volunteer infantry soldiers prepare for a day's training in preparation for shipment to veteran units at front lines in Germany. Courtesy National Archives and Research Administration, National Archives Identifier: 531357, Local Identifier: 111-SC-337901.

    Many historians have written about the famous “Buffalo Soldiers” of the all-Black 92nd Infantry Division, who fought with distinction during World War II.

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    At the Arcadia Conference, held in Washington, DC, from December 24, 1941 to January 14, 1942, the Western Allies agreed to a “Germany First” policy to govern global strategy, but the question where to engage Germany, and when, remained unsettled.

Obituary: Mary Bancroft

Mary Bancroft was that rarity in real life, a glamorous upper- class spy. She reached that condition by the tried and tested method of having a love affair with a man who was himself one of the most important spies of the Second World War and went on to be the most celebrated chief of America’s Central Intelligence agency.

Allen Welsh Dulles had served as an American secret agent in Switzerland during the First World War. After the United States joined the Second World War, Colonel “Wild Bill” Donovan, head of the Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA, gave Dulles the assignment of returning to Switzerland to create a network of intelligence inside Nazi Germany.

Dulles sent an NBC radio technician, Gerald Mayer, ahead to begin identifying possible agents, and one of the first people Mayer recruited was Mary Bancroft.

Then a handsome, bored married woman aged 38, Mary Bancroft had dropped out of Smith College in Massachusetts, and rebelled against the ultra- respectable life of a debutante in Beacon Hill, the Mayfair of Boston, where she was brought up by her stepgrandfather, C.W. Barron, who was the publisher of the Wall Street Journal and the founder of the business magazine which bears his name. Something of a Bright Young Thing, not to say a “goer”, in the Jazz Age, Bancroft had been married twice, first to an American, then, to the surprise of her friends, to a Swiss accountant called Jean Rufenacht. She tired of the marriage, and first wrote a novel, then began to study the work of the great Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung.

She had many lovers, and as her husband’s work took him away from home frequently, she was in restless and emotionally available mood – “randy and ready”, says Dulles’s biographer – when, early in December 1942, she was introduced to Allen Dulles over a drink at the ultra-discreet Hotel Baur am Lac in Zurich. Her upper-class credentials appealed to Dulles, himself the nephew and grandson (and later the brother) of American Secretaries of State, and a partner in the powerful New York law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell. But she was also a highly intelligent woman who had been living in Switzerland since 1934 and had acquired excellent French and German.

He quickly put the relationship on a more intimate basis by asking her to help him to find some bed-linen, scarce in wartime Bern, where he lived under diplomatic cover, and she obliged by lending him some from her husband’s country chalet.

Within days he took her for a walk along the lake in Zurich and put his double proposition to her with bluntness close to effrontery. “We can let the work cover the romance,” he said, “and the romance cover the work.”

Before long both work and romance had settled into an efficient and pleasurable routine. Every morning, at precisely 9.20, Dulles would telephone Bancroft and tell her what reports he needed translated. They kept their conversation secure by using American slang, something that was more impenetrable in Switzerland in 1943 than it would be today.

Once a week she would take the train from Zurich to Bern, and check in at a cheap hotel opposite the station. She would then take a taxi to Dulles’s comfortable home, where they would spend the day preparing a report for Washington. That evening Dulles would report to Donovan over a more or less secure radio-telephone, high technology for the day. Spy master and spy mistress would then retire to bed together.

After a while, Dulles gave Bancroft the assignment of editing a book written by Hans Bernd Gisevius, an upper-class Prussian military intelligence officer who was both an agent of Admiral Canaris’s Abwehr secret intelligence service, and a member of the anti-Nazi underground. He was naturally one of Dulles’s most prized contacts inside the German Resistance. Before long, Mary was romantically involved with Gisevius too.

At the same time as she was becoming drawn deep into the web of intelligence- gathering and anti-Nazi plotting in Switzerland, Bancroft was getting more and more involved in her study of Jungian psychology, and eventually became a confidante of Jung himself.

Her relationship with Dulles soon began to cool; he was a physically ardent but emotionally cold lover who once demanded that they make love hastily on a sofa “to clear his head” before an important meeting. After the end of the war, Dulles was joined in Switzerland by his wife Clover. She lost no time in telling Bancroft that she was aware of her relationship with her husband and that she approved of it, and the two women became close friends for life.

Later, after Dulles had become the first head of the new Central Intelligence Agency and she had returned to New York, Bancroft also became close, though apparently not sexually involved with, Henry Luce, the publisher of Time and Life, whose wife, Clare Booth Luce, was another of Allen Dulles’s lovers. She became a leading champion of Jung’s psychology in the United States and wrote a number of articles in learned journals about his work.

The relationship with the Dulles family became even closer when, in 1952, Bancroft’s daughter, Mary Jane, married Horace Taft, son of the conservative candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, and Allen Dulles gave the bride away.

In 1983 Mary Bancroft wrote her memoirs, which she called Autobiography of a Spy.

Godfrey Hodgson

Mary Bancroft, spy: born 29 October 1903; twice married (one daughter); died New York 10 January 1997.



Multiple Casualties Reported After Shooting At Outlet Mall In Texas - Credit: Stewart F. House/Getty Images
Multiple Casualties Reported After Shooting At Outlet Mall In Texas – Credit: Stewart F. House/Getty Images

The suspected mass shooter who killed at least eight people at an Allen, Texas mall on Saturday frequently posted pro-white supremacist and neo-Nazi materials on social media, according to an FBI bulletin reviewed by Rolling Stone. 

The FBI’s “review and triage of the subject’s social media accounts revealed hundreds of postings and images to include writings with racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist rhetoric, including neo-Nazi materials and material espousing the supremacy of the white race,” the bulletin reads.  

More from Rolling Stone

The document also says the alleged shooter was discharged from the military in 2008 amid “mental health concerns.” The Defense Department did not immediately return Rolling Stone‘s request for comment.

Investigators believe the shooter was a neo-Nazi and an “incel,” according to an internal email circulated by Texas law enforcement.

On Saturday, a man, identified in law enforcement documents as 33-year-old Dallas resident Mauricio Garcia, opened fire at Allen Premium Outlets. The suspected shooter was killed by police at the scene, where several of the victims were found deceased. Nine additional victims were later transported to the hospital. Another two victims later died at the hospital.

Garcia had no criminal history but is believed to have been associated with a local neo-Nazi group, according to the email. He previously reported a lost firearm to authorities, which police believe allowed him to then modify that same firearm in an attempt to make it harder to trace, according to the law enforcement documents reviewed by Rolling Stone. The suspect is a U.S. citizen who has never applied for a passport, the law enforcement documents also noted.

Garcia was armed with an AR-15-style rifle and a handgun, according to law enforcement emails. He was also wearing a tactical vest with an “RWDS” patch — a reference to “right wing death squad,” which is a term used by white supremacists. He had 10 rifle magazines and six pistol magazines on his body. More handguns and rifles were found in his car, according to law enforcement emails.

The investigation into the shooter’s motives is ongoing.

Best of Rolling Stone

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